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Do you want to know how The Irish Fairy Door Company’s brand was built?
Do you want to connect more effectively with your customers and hone your messaging? If so, storytelling is the way forward! Learn how to create ‘thumb-stopping’ content for the digital world we live in today. If you are serious about building your company’s brand but can’t afford big brand agency prices, we can help!

Who We Are

There’s no doubt about it, Niamh is what you would call a serial entrepreneur! She started working for herself back in 2001 when she began singing for wedding ceremonies. Not long afterwards Niamh turned her crafting hobby into a business and Daydreams and Moonbeams was born. Then in 2008 Niamh invested in a franchise called Jo Jingles (music classes for young children) in the North East and most recently co-founded the The Irish Fairy Door Company.

Niamh truly believes that brand storytelling through social media is essential for any small or medium business to grow in today’s digital age. Bringing it all back to basics, just like she did in The Irish Fairy Door Company, Niamh wants to encourage other SMEs to really ask themselves what it is that they want their customer to know about their product or service and encourage them to communicate that as clearly and authentically as possible.

With all business, at the end of the day, Niamh believes it is all about ROI (return on investment) and the way to do that is to build your brand community who will then, without doubt, turn into your very best customers!

Niamh’s absolute passion is helping small business and for that reason she is dedicated to making her service attainable for all, no matter what stage your business is at.

What We Do


Training and Mentoring

On-site half day or full day training with all relevant staff in your business. Ongoing mentoring available.

One Day Weekend Workshops

When you don’t feel that you can leave your business Monday to Friday, come along to our Saturday workshops (can be part of a group of alternatively, individual training).

Public Speaking

Book Niamh to come along to your event, to talk all things fairy doors/content creation and deliver her top tips for customer engagement!

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